Uh oh. Somebody’s been up to no good.

Behaviour problems? Don’t worry, Mum & Dad!

We’ll get that turned right around. We won’t just change your sighthound’s behaviours. I’ll teach you & your dog to speak the same language.

Expert Behaviour Training & Treatment for Sighthounds

Specializing in Greyhounds | Whippets | Lurchers | Rescues

By Becca Sommerville, MSc

Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)

Virtual | In-Person | WORLDwide

Accredited & Insured - Serving Worldwide Online. London & Kent In-person

3 Quick & Easy Commands to Teach Your Sighthound, so They’re Better Behaved by the End of Today



“We thought our nervous, rehomed dog Buddy was hopeless. Thanks to Becca, we turned it all around!”

We were skeptical to hire yet another dog trainer because we’d already spent so much on other “generic” dog trainers who weren’t able to make a difference to Buddy’s extreme anxiety. A few sessions with Becca brought improvements in Buddy’s extreme happiness right away! Easier walks, easier nights, and more peace in the home. Her approach was so tailored to us. Right away we realised she had mountains of knowledge and more importantly to us, a real, practical programme we could follow.”

Sophie - Owner of Buddy, former anxious-pup

Your sighthound’s trying to tell you something. We just have to figure out what it is. Let’s get on the right track before things get serious.

Sighthounds are brilliant, and so are you for getting one! Bred by kings & queens for tracking, they’ll treat you like royalty when they’ve had the right training. But they can be misunderstood, and if they don’t get what they need, they can become quite the troublemakers. (That’s where I come in.)

My Services

Virtual Treatment & Training

Some issues, like separation anxiety, can be treated entirely over video chat! Others require a mix of virtual & in-person training.

In-Person Behaviour Training

These packages are completely tailored to your dog’s needs. Together, we’ll make the changes you both need to be happy.

In-Person Workshops

I help Veterinary Clinics shine as dog-friendly practices, while showing staff how to minimize patient distress, avoid bites, and reduce the risk of injuries to their staff.

begins in June!

The 6 week programme for the dog that spends their walks barking, growling or lunging at other dogs