I have a soft spot for Sighthounds.

Just ask my Greyhound Del Boy when he gets extra scratches at night!

Hi! I’m Becca Sommerville, expert sighthound behaviourist, and I have a whole lot of letters that go after my name. Basically, they mean I’m obsessed with sighthounds and that I’ve done a whole lot of training, education, and scientific research to prove it.

Choosing a behaviourist can be tricky because right now, you can legally call yourself an animal behaviourist in the U.K. without proper accreditation but hopefully, that will change soon.


“We thought our nervous, rehomed dog Buddy was hopeless. Thanks to Becca, we turned it all around!”

We were skeptical to hire yet another dog trainer because we’d already spent so much on other “generic” dog trainers who weren’t able to make a difference to Buddy’s extreme anxiety. A few sessions with Becca brought improvements in Buddy’s extreme happiness right away! Easier walks, easier nights, and more peace in the home. Her approach was so tailored to us. Right away we realised she had mountains of knowledge and more importantly to us, a real, practical programme we could follow.”

Sophie - Owner of Buddy, former anxious-pup

If you want to get a deep understanding of your dog’s psyche and see long-lasting changes in their behaviour, then you need to hire someone with serious credibility.

Here are a couple of surprising things I’ve helped my clients do:

And here is a list of my credentials:

Some fun facts about me & my work:

  • I grew up with labradors who had a particularly funny habit of sneaking out of the house & taking themselves for mischievous walks around our village. (Thankfully, they’d always come back on their own!) I’ve loved dogs all my life.
  • Before I worked with sighthounds, I worked with farmers. Once I visited a herd of Jersey cows who had bonded with their farmer so strongly that they would frequently “ask” him and his wife for scratches behind the ears! As a greyhound owner, I’m very familiar.
  • I’m deeply passionate about rescues and animal welfare. My dream is that one day, every dog on Earth has a loving home and we no longer need to rescue dogs because they’re all taken care of, loved, and understood.
  • I used my own expertise to slowly coax my dog Del Boy out of his general anxiety. I adopted him after he retired from his racing career, and although he was a tricky one at first, he now happily rides the tube, stretches out on the floor, takes up the whole carriage, and only slightly smooshes the other passengers.

This is my life’s work and passion. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and book a call regardless of your situation or budget. I’m here to help.