Dogs are man’s best friend, and vets are mine.

As a Vet, you provide a welcoming home to your patients, even if only for a few hours. Allow me to train your staff to read the signs that your dog-patients are showing them, so everyone feels safer & happier throughout their visit. This reduces the likelihood of bites & injuries, and increases the likelihood of repeat business, referrals, and new clientele who are looking for a dog-friendly vet.

Let’s make your veterinary clinic shine as a dog-friendly practice.

In-Office Lunch & Learn Workshops

Teach Your Staff to Read Behavioural Cues

My workshops have been called “enlightening” by vet clinics around greater London. In about an hour, I’ll make your staff feel safer & more confident around the dogs they serve. Your patients will be so impressed by your dog-friendly practice that they’re likely to tell all their friends.

Workshop topics include:

“Now I see things more through my patient’s eyes.”

The session was informative for me. It made me realise a lot of behavioural signs I hadn’t noticed before.  It even made me see things more from the animal’s point of view!

Suzy, Veterinary Student

If workshops are of interest, the first step is to book a free call.