Happiest Hounds Club

Help your hound reach their full happiness potential!

Sighthounds can be subtle. They’re not always easy to read and have unique quirks compared to other breeds. 

If your dog came from a rescue background they require specialist behaviour support and care in their training. Even if you have had them from a puppy they can present challenging behaviours such as a strong prey drive, overly boisterous play, being worried left on their own, being reactive to other dogs when on the lead, or being too unreliable to let off the lead at all. Some aren’t even motivated by food treats!

You can feel left behind in not being able to do what you expected when you got a dog.

Join Happiest Hounds Club to…

  • Learn the ins and outs of training sighthounds, rescue dogs and behaviour and welfare principles 
  • Understand the wonder of these dogs and how you can get the best from your lives together
  • Get on demand support from a professional with years of rescue experience and from other owners going through the same, so you won’t be alone in their journey  
  • Learn about a range of training topics for a calmer, well behaved dog
  • Join the only wellbeing community for sighthounds and rescue dog and their owners, run by an accredited Clinical Animal Behaviourist
  • Enjoy a combination of live coaching sessions with Becca, Q&A and a private owner discussion group
  • Targeted at sighthounds and rescue dogs, but all dogs are welcome


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  • Training support including: using positive reinforcement with sighthounds, recall, settling in public and at home, prey drive, scavenging, focus, calmer walks, lead walking & more!
  • For dogs who need more training, want to learn and have fun
  • This is also a follow on lighter touch support option after a behaviour package with Becca
    Please note advice behaviour advice (e.g. for aggression, reactivity, anxiety) can only be given to dogs who have been through a vet referral and behaviour support with Becca. For all other dogs you can get training advice!
Includes every month:
  • 💥 1 x 45 min LIVE call - Open Q&A
  • ❤️ Sniff and Splash therapy! Social guided behaviour walks
    Small group walks in woodland in London or a beach in Kent, several run a year
  • 🔥 Private Telegram chat group
  • ⭐️ 1 x 45 min LIVE call - Body language cafe
  • 🏆 Practical demo video library