For the dog that spends their walks barking, growling or lunging at other dogs

And for the dog guardian who wants to take their dog out for a walk without the fear of someone yelling “your dog’s out of control”

You and your dog deserve to have calm, relaxed and comfortable walks without reactivity

In this programme I will be teaching you how to manage challenging situations on a walk, how to read your dog’s body language and subtle signals to help prevent the reactivity in the first place, how to use things like treats and your lead handling skills to have a more relaxed dog when seeing other dogs while on the lead and how to reduce your dog’s fear, anxiety or frustration levels in general.

It can be really stressful for both dogs and their guardians when they’re barking, lunging, or showing other challenging behaviours around other dogs on walks but trust me, I’ve worked with thousands of dogs and the steps to creating a calm dog and therefore a calm walk are simpler than you think!

Starts 24th June 2024

No need to feel ashamed, dogs are complex creatures with deep emotions and feelings, and I want you to know that there are some really simple steps to relieving reactivity.

We will cover:

“With Becca’s help and training plan, Harvey’s reactivity has dropped by easily 70%”

“Working with Becca has been enlightening. It’s hard to imagine at the start that someone can actually change your dog’s behaviour, especially when it seems ingrained in them. However, she did! Harvey was extremely reactive to other dogs when out on walks with him. In hindsight I wish I had engaged her sooner!”

Marcus & Harvey
Dog guardians and their dogs can suffer unnecessary for years without this knowledge and it’s just not necessary

Without proper training and support, a dog’s behaviour can get worse over time, not only compounding your dog’s stress, anxiety and reactivity but also your own.

I recognise the impact that reactive behaviour has on dog guardians, so you will feel completely supported too.

Because although this is about your dog, it’s also about you.


Reactivity Relief 

If you’re wanting proven techniques that you can use on every walk, to reduce reactivity towards other dogs, so you don’t ever have to hear a judgy comment from someone else ever again, then Reactivity Relief is for you and I am so excited to welcome you IN!





When you and your dog feel stressed on walks, the next big reaction when you meet a dog is just around the corner. In this module we dive into why this behaviour is happening and help you to DELOAD stress, for less reactivity all round. You will leave this module with a dog who is calmer on walks and you should be too!


Managing your walks gets its own module! We are going to set up your dog’s exposure to other dogs in a way that they can handle, work on the practical handling techniques and help you read your dog’s signs with ease. No more dreading walks, this training will actually feel fun!


Do you feel lost about how to help your dog meet other dogs on walks or in public places? We will work to craft walks around other dogs that are calm and stress free. You and your dog will shift from a space of doubt and fear to calm confidence, whatever comes your way on the next walk.

At the end of Reactivity Relief here’s what you can expect 

Less barking, lunging, growling, freezing or aggressive behaviour around other dogs on walks and in public spaces like pubs or cafes
To feel comfortable and confident in how to manage meeting other dogs on walks
To know how to help and read your dog

Much less reactivity from your dog on a daily basis


To feel calmer yourself around your dog so you can enjoy your walks again

Starts 24TH JUNE 2024


Owning a reactive dog can often be stressful. Becca helped me significantly with training my lovely but traumatised rescue dog.

Just as importantly, Becca’s lovely calm and reassuring manner melted my stress away! Becca’s deeper level of understanding of dogs and their behaviour really got my dog and I into the next phase of learning and developing together, and we saw quick progress. I feel we’ve turned a corner and this is all thanks to Becca.”  

Rachel & Biscuit

Becca has been vital in helping our newly adopted reactive greyhound to settle in with us.

“As much as treating our dog’s behaviour Becca has helped us to become better dog owners, and to use the right actions to encourage good habits in both of our dogs. We can’t recommend her enough.” 

Georgia, Rizzo & Dali 

Becca helped us with our Italian Greyhound Whippet cross Ziggy.

“Ziggy was overexcited around other dogs, had a frustrated greeting style and would bark excessively. Becca firstly helped us understand Ziggy’s behaviour patterns and taught us to read his body language. We have noticed a huge difference and feel confident continuing his training independently. We loved her harm-free approach that focuses on long-term solutions that strengthen the dog and human relationship.” 

Elizabeth & Ziggy



Starts 24th JUNE 2024