The 6 week confidence boosting programme for dogs 

You deserve to have a dog who is comfortable when you leave them alone at home

In this programme I will be teaching you how to have a dog who can relax independently and stay calm on their own at home. 

It can be really stressful for both dogs and their guardians when your dog whines, howls, barks, chews furniture, or jumps at the door when they’re left alone. The neighbours are complaining or you’re just finding it upsetting having to leave your dog – but you have to go out sometimes! Your dog follows your everywhere or can’t cope with a door being closed between you, during the day or at night. You feel trapped as you can’t leave home when you need to, which is so isolating. You can’t pop to the shops, go out for a meal, or a trip to the gym or cinema. Of course you worry about your dog when you inevitably have to leave them.

I’ve worked with thousands of dogs and their humans – many have already tried training which just didn’t work. The steps to creating a calm dog at home alone are simpler than you think!

Starts 15th APRIL 2024

No need to feel ashamed, dogs are complex creatures with deep emotions and feelings, and I want you to know that there are some really simple steps to soothing your dog’s separation anxiety.

We will cover:

“Before he struggled to even be in another room from us, it was unthinkable to leave home and we felt trapped.  Today we left him for two and a half hours and he didn’t care at all. It’s been life changing, we have our lives back”.

Helen, Kevin & Groot

When your dog is anxious you feel anxious too and you don’t need to feel that way 

Picture this, you leave for work in the morning. There is no whining, there is no pacing, there is no howling. Your dog is just asleep on the sofa, happy as larry. 

Throughout your day you’re not checking your dog-cam, you’re not worried, life is good. When you come home from work there is no over the top excitement and therefore there is no guilt. Your life is no longer impacted by your dog’s separation anxiety.

Because although this is about your dog, it’s also about you.



If your dog struggles with being apart from you then Soothe Separation Anxiety is for you and I am so excited to welcome you IN!





When you’re getting ready to leave home and your dog is already stressed, we’re setting them up to fail. In this module we dive into why the separation behaviour is happening and help you to reduce stress and prepare your lives and their routine for the training. You will leave this module with a dog who is calmer at home and on the way to independence!


How to leave your dog gets its own module! We are going to craft your departures to go out in a way that your dog can handle, work on their surroundings and help you read your dog’s signs with ease. No more dreading going out of the door, your dog can now learn to relax!



Do you feel lost about how to leave your dog for longer amounts of time without them feeling anxious? We will put together a solid plan for each individual dog to help them feel comfortable for longer amounts of time alone, both during the programme and in your lives together beyond. You and your dog will shift from a space of doubt and fear to calm confidence, whatever comes your way. 

At the end of Soothe Separation Anxiety here’s what you can expect 


Your dog will feel more relaxed on their own

You will feel confident in reading your dog’s body language


You won’t have to worry about how and when you can leave your dog

You will be able to leave your dog alone for longer periods of time


To feel calmer yourself around leaving your dog so you can enjoy going out again

Starts 15th APRIL 2024


We can finally see us getting our lives and independence back

“Becca created a friendly and safe working group which helped us all feel more confident about leaving Groot home alone. Prior to the training, he couldn’t be left in a room on his own even with a baby gate, by the end he could be left home alone for 15 minutes resting calmly in his bed (and 2.5 hours one month later!). We’d highly recommend this programme.” 

Helen, Kevin & Groot, rescue crossbreed

Becca really helped us crack the code with Demi

“We had been doing several things wrong based on advice from friends or the internet so without doing this programme I think we’d never really have made the leaps we’ve made over the last six weeks.”

Fiona & Demi, rescue greyhound

Otto is so much more relaxed when we leave

“Becca has a fantastic multi-dimensional approach to managing separation anxiety which has helped us enormously – we are moving forward after having felt stuck for a long time. We now have more confidence to build up his time alone.”

Kim & Otto, lurcher



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Starts 15th April 2024