For the dog that is aggressive or fearful towards people on walks or with visitors to your home.

For the dog guardian who is anxious about their dog, worried about safety or concerned they could harm someone or themselves

Is one of these your dog?

Sammy – Reacts to People on Walks

Sammy is reactive to strangers on walks. He barks, growls, or lunges at other people if they get too close. It may be to anyone or to certain people which feels scary and unpredictable. You’re concerned what other people are going to say about your dog. You want to make sure everyone is safe and to have more enjoyable walks together.

Milo – Anxious with New People

Milo is worried and tries to hide or run away from strangers on walks. He especially doesn’t want to be touched by them. He will tremble or freeze in busy places. As a new rescue you feel bad and just want to do what is best for him. You want him to settle in and feel more confident in public.

Luna – Struggles with Visitors

Luna struggles with any people she doesn’t know well coming into your home, people coming to the front door or deliveries arriving. She barks at the door and has snapped at a workman. If neighbours pass the window or she hears noises she barks. It feels isolating because it’s hard to have people around and you’re concerned because she seems on edge all of the time. 

You and your dog deserve to have calm, relaxed and comfortable walks without reactivity to people. You deserve to have a dog who can settle in public and have visitors to your home


In this programme I will be teaching you how to manage challenging situations on a walk, in busy public places and at home with visitors and noises. I will teach you how to read your dog’s body language and subtle signals to help prevent the reactivity in the first place, how to use things like treats, lead handling skills and settle techniques to have a more relaxed dog when seeing strangers while on the lead or in public and at home and how to reduce your dog’s fear, anxiety or frustration levels in general.

It can be really stressful for both dogs and their guardians when they’re barking, lunging, or showing other challenging behaviours around other strangers on walks or to visitors  but trust me, I’ve worked with thousands of dogs and the steps to creating a calm dog and therefore a calm walk are simpler than you think!


I recently helped one rescue dog from abroad overcome aggression to visitors (barking and grabbing at their clothing) to her home in one session and I’ll share these techniques with you. It is possible to have a dog who is calm on walks around strangers and with visitors, when you know what to do.


There’s no need to feel ashamed, there is a way for dogs to be calm around people they don’t know

We will cover:

“With Becca’s help and training plan, Harvey’s reactivity has dropped by easily 70%”

“Working with Becca has been enlightening. It’s hard to imagine at the start that someone can actually change your dog’s behaviour, especially when it seems ingrained in them. However, she did! Harvey was extremely reactive to dogs when out on walks with him. In hindsight I wish I had engaged her sooner!”

Marcus & Harvey
Dog guardians and their dogs can suffer unnecessary for years without this knowledge and it’s just not necessary

It’s normal to feel embarrassed about your dog’s behaviour on walks or to worry about your dog. 

Every time a dog bite is reported on the news you get that anxious feeling, there’s no need to feel like that

There are some simple steps that many people don’t know which I’ll share to help your dog be safe around strangers and visitors.

Because although this is about your dog, it’s also about you.


soothe Stanger sensitivity

If you’re wanting proven techniques that you can use on every walk, to reduce reactivity towards visitors, so you don’t ever have to hear a judgy comment from someone else ever again, then Soothe Stranger Sensitivity is for you and I am so excited to welcome you IN!





When you and your dog feel stressed on walks, the next big reaction when you meet a stranger is just around the corner. In this module we dive into why this behaviour is happening and help you to manage the behaviour and help your dog feel better about strangers, for less reactivity all round. No more dreading walks, this training will actually feel fun!


Managing other people coming to your home gets its own module! We are going to dive into bring visitors to your home, relaxing when hearing noises at home and handling reactivity to the front door. You will leave this module with a dog who is calmer around visitors and you should feel so too!



Do you feel lost about how to help your dog feel more confident in busy public places? We will build on your new skills with strangers and visitors. We will craft your time in public with your dog to be calm and stress free. You and your dog will shift from a space of doubt and fear to calm confidence, whatever comes your way on the next trip.

At the end of Soothe Stranger Sensitivity here’s what you can expect 


Less barking, lunging, growling, freezing or aggressive behaviour around strangers on your walks

To feel comfortable and confident in how to manage greeting visitors into your home and at your front door

To know how to help and read your dog

Much less reactivity from your dog on a daily basis


To feel calmer yourself around your dog so you can enjoy your walks and time in public places such as a pub or cafe again



Becca helped us help Buddy enjoy life to the fullest

“Becca is incredible! She helped us so much with our little rescue dog Buddy. He was terrified of everything, barked at everything that scared him, scared of dogs and humans. She patiently helped us increase his confidence and the results have paid off! He is now a happy confident doggie enjoying the normal things in life (walkies, playing with dogs and even enjoys cuddles from a few random humans!)”

Alexia & Buddy

It helped us see things in a new light, with compassion and understanding, providing a concrete plan going forward

“We have worked with Becca trying to get a handle on our whippet’s anxiety around meeting new people. We could not recommend Becca highly enough to anyone who wants to use positive reinforcement to solve an issue they are having with their dog. She is brilliant in her approach, while her extensive knowledge, experience and calmness are always reassuring. She has massively helped us through a rough patch and we are really grateful for having worked with her.” 

Maria & Plato

It’s like we’ve a brand new dog

“Working with Becca was a dream. We had issues with loud noises and avoiding certain parts of the town we live in. Working with Becca we were able to resolve all those issues and it’s like we’ve a brand new dog.”

Ross & Pamela